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AI social media manager
deliver high-impact short-form videos every time, create and iterate at blazing speeds, and automatically manage all your creators
how it works
generate a video guide, leveraging trending topics and optimized for maximum virality.
share the recording link with your creator.
the creator clicks the link and our AI guides them through the video recording process.
we edit the video, delivering a ready-to-upload video.
get high-performing social media videos within hours
with traditional agencies, you have to navigate through multiple points of contact before video production can even begin. with us, a few simple clicks are all it takes to receive a finalized video. each video is optimized for quality, creativity, and virality, ensuring your content stands out.
our videos actually convert, are controlled, and enhanced with AI.
our ai comarketer leverages insights from over a million trending social media videos and topics, tailoring content specifically to your audience and niche. additionally, we refine videos shot on creators' phones - enhancing lighting, stabilization, and overall quality for optimal impact.
example videos