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    Re: Acme Inc. Partnership

view creator stats directly on their TikTok page

access comprehensive metrics and insights for any TikTok influencer. instantly see average views, likes, engagement rates, and more.

  • one-click DM or email directly from TikTok pages
  • analyze viewership trends and engagement rates at a glance
  • estimate influencers' fair compensation and cpm rate
  • quickly evaluate the quality of an influencer’s audience

powerful features for influencer management

our tool offers a range of features to help you connect with creators who fit your brand at scale and create content that actually drives conversion.

discover influencers at scale

discover influencers of any size, 1K to 1M followers, that fits your brand.

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our AI analysis of creators' past content, niche focus, and audience insights lets you discover and message specific creators.

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we find influencers who don't overcharge, and are aligned with your niche for maximum ROI.

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our AI will automatically discover, DM, and send emails to influencers. Reduce weeks of work into just a few clicks.

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send PR packages to tens of thousands of influencers at scale. get your products in front of millions of potential customers, automatically.

AI influencer co-manager

use our AI to manage your influencer or potential partners 10x faster.

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